Cafe Stella Drama CD

I actually got this weeks ago but never ended up posting or even opening this until today.

Just like Riddle Joker the MC is voiced here as well. He doesn’t seem to have done anything major. Or maybe it’s just me not knowing seiyuu world.

I haven’t checked it at all \o/ I’m not expecting something like Riddle Joker (which I very much liked because Ayase) but I sure hope it’s fun.

Cafe Stella calendar

I forgot to post this. It arrived sometime last week.

It’s the usual calendar bonus from buying all the character songs. Due to timing etc, this one starts from April. Sometimes called “school calendar” as that’s when new academic year starts.

Unlike the previous ones, this one doesn’t have plastic case/stand. Probably due to a lot of them were broken during shipment for Riddle Joker. It’s also twice larger.

As before, it’s two-monthly calendar per page, six pages total. Four of them are newly drawn and the other two are generic all-characters images.

And now I have a bit too many calendars.

Tapestry (A1) – Cafe Stella (Trader)

And here’s the last one, from Trader. Smile, check. Nipples, check. Wet panties, check. Bare foot, well, it’s not really my thing. Also missing kneesocks.

I noticed that despite all tapestries are with maid uniform, they all have different socks. I wonder if it’s like that in-game as well. Probably not.

Unlike the other two, this one is A1-sized. The rarer size in my collection. At least I think I have space for it without needing sacrifice anything.

Surprisingly this is another double suede, making the tapestries I got are all double suede. That’s new, I think. I sure wish stores do this for all titles. That said, I think all other non-Natsume tapestries are using normal thin material. Yay Natsume fans?

The print is good though too bad this uses thin pipe which most likely means bent pipe after hung for a while.

Tapestry – Cafe Stella (Sofmap)

And here’s the second one, from Sofmap. B2 sized. Kneesocks yay. Panty pull yay. Nipples yay. Smiling yay.

All the yays. This is a pretty good tapestry.

I thought the dress underneath her is some kind of Kara no Kyoukai-style school uniform (which doesn’t really make sense) but it’s just her maid uniform without the apron, lol.

Using double suede as well and pretty good print. I don’t think it’s visibly worse than A&J. Too bad it uses thin pipe which is prone to bending. At least it’s only B2 so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Also needed assembly and thus ironing.

Tapestry – Cafe Stella (amiami)

And finally the interesting bonus! Starting off with B2 tapestry from amiami. Too bad no nipples. Not sure why she spilled tea to her crotch. Hopefully it’s not hot tea otherwise it’d hurt.

It’s double suede. And the print is pretty good. Very good in fact, especially because of this:

It’s printed by A&J. I haven’t seen any tapestries from them for a long while now. Especially since Moeoh switched from them to a cheaper printer. Last tapestry I can remember from A&J is doujin tapestry from Kimishima Ao, I think?

This is the only bonus tapestry using larger pipe.

Oh, and assembly was required. Not big deal but as a result there are a bunch of crease marks.

Misc Goods – Cafe Stella

Here’s the misc stuff from either pre-order bonus (draft book, tin badges), Sofmap bonus (more tin badges, shitajiki, shopping bag, stickers, bookmarks), Trader (keychain of some sort), and Amiami (covered keyholder thingy?).

The sticker is nice, as I can use it for stuff like portable drives. I can also probably use the acrylic keyholder The rest of them? I’m not sure. Maybe collect dust or something.

Drama CDs – Cafe Stella

And then here’s the drama CDs. Left one is official store bonus which is the main reason I bought one from there. These official drama CD can usually be found for relatively cheap so if I’m being sane I should’ve just bought it off YJA or second hand store.

The right side one is just pre-order bonus and so I have four copies of it at the moment.

Haven’t listened to them yet but if it’s anything like previous ones they should be mildly or barely lewd.

Shikishi – Cafe Stella

And then the shikishis. One of them already made appearance here when I pre-ordered it from Sofmap few weeks ago. While three of them are pretty easy to obtain, the bottom left one (Mei) is only available from their official store. That’s pretty annoying.

Looks pretty analog drawing just like every other bonus shikishis from Yuzusoft.

I wonder if they’ll ever make R-18 shikishi…

Music CD – Cafe Stella to shinigami no chou Character Song Vol. 3

The third character song for Yuzu-soft latest title.

I finally opened the thing and discovered the thing to be stuck for 2020 school calendar is in sticker form. I remember the one for Senren banka was just plain paper and I used transparent tape to stick them to the postcard. This one is much more convenient. That said, I don’t remember how Riddle Joker one was. Maybe it’s sticker as well.

I did rip and scan and everything except actually listen to the CD. Maybe sometime this week…