Cafe Stella – Suzune route done (and something about Natsume and final-ish impression)

The overall route is similar to Natsume, just shorter. Too bad I don’t like her character design as much. The personality is relatively fine though.

And so I finished the game. Overall the story is… fine. I’m just not that much into Shinigami and God related story. I think I like it more than Senren banka. I still prefer Riddle Joker over either though.

In term of Shinigami-related stuff, my preference rank would look like this:

  1. Mei
  2. Kanna
  3. Nozomi
  4. Natsume, Suzune

Mei is on top mainly because of the main part when Mei lost control of her eyes. And the way they solved it.

Kanna is second purely because I prefer her over Nozomi. Nothing really stands out although I sure prefer more backstory of Kanna instead of just the MC.

Nozomi is technically last. I… just don’t really like how they ended it. Especially the part Nozomi “awakened” and started calling the butterfly “mom”. That was weird. But hey at least it’s still Shinigami-related.

Natsume and Suzune really don’t have much to do with Shinigami. They do have a lot to do with Cafe though so there’s that.

Huh, now I think about it, the routes are half Shinigami and half Cafe. Not a mixture within routes but each route focuses on separate thing 🤔

Also I forgot about it but Natsume route has condom talk! And Natsume buying one! And the MC stalked her. Or something. That was interesting. Not something I see often in moege-type eroge. Apart of the “do you prefer to have sex with condom than with me” appeared at least in Haruno and Clover Day’s (I think?).

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