9-haruiro done

Only took me two weeks. I actually thought it’s just a bit over a week but my record says it’s a bit over two weeks. Whoops.

As usual from my impression posts but especially for this one, spoilers ahead.

There are a lot of interesting Haruka faces here. Especially when her delusions slip out.

The H-scenes are… fine. I think the length is just about right. Maybe a bit short but I generally prefer shorter ones. The animations are still rather useless. Even worse as I noticed the censor covers larger area in animated version. And that it’s blurrier.

The story though! Lies and deception. And falling to dark side. And Sophie’s big reveal. Or maybe not so big if one actually think about it. But still, it set up the stage for Yukiiro.

And in that sense it’s a bit unfortunate. Kokoiro was a starter, where everything started. It ended with a small reveal but that’s about it. It also introduced the basic world set up.

Sorairo was mostly just dumb fun. It did include a more severe result of Artifact power and introduced more tools and abilities. It ended pretty much on a rather calm note. We already knew there are more things coming but it’s still not really clear on who the real bad guy™ is. I don’t think we get to know too much about Kakeru’s power in this one.

Then in Haruiro, they just threw out everything. Kakeru’s power, parallel world, Satsuki’s power, the real bad guy™ (or girl), and even time rollback (repeatedly). And the route rollback, we didn’t even get to go back to main menu first – he just rolled it back and continued straight away. It even ended where they’re working their way on their world saving quest.

After all that things, they then added the Sophie’s reveal. And the meaning behind the title.

Thanks to all those, unfortunately, Haruiro felt really like an opening act for Yukiiro. Instead of “that was good/fun” with addition of “yeah looking forward to the next one” like the previous two, I got “give me the next one already” feel instead. I don’t really like Haruka much sure didn’t help.

Good thing Yukiiro is only a bit over three weeks away now. Good job, me ( ‘_’)b

And Ghost. Can I have my own Ghost please.

Update a bit later: Forgot about Ghost lmao

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