Weekly Finance vol. 24

Unrelated apart of that I’m watching this while writing this post


0% loss this time yay. Except it was because I sold nothing.

Readjusted prices for stuff. Hopefully can sell something but with current economy it’ll probably be rather difficult regardless.

I suspect it’s better for me to start packing up stuff to be sent to Suruga-Ya.

Wasting money

Pre-ordered some stuff and although there are still some extras, there’s no telling how this month will go with all the new doujin stuff which are initially targeted for C98.

And then I still need to figure out what to do with Maitetsu LR. I’m actually now considering only buying single thing. Probably either Sofmap or Suruga-Ya and skip the rest of them. It’s just too expensive and considering I’m so far backlogged on that, I probably really should just get the minimum.

pieces/Canary for May (5 copies?), Torikago for June (4 copies), and lastly Maitetsu LR (1 copy?) for July. And that’s it? There’s nothing for August or later yet. Saga Planets may announce their new title soon-ish though.

I really need to read faster. And be less distracted.

Stock market

These last two days have been closed at positive which is actually a bit annoying because I was too late buying some index fund which ended up costing quite a lot more than the price when I placed the order. I probably should’ve bought ETF instead.

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