Cafe Stella – Natsume route done

Another two weeks ._.

I Was hoping for it to take one week instead but apparently it’s not happening.

I like the story with steady progress until the confession part and then solving the main problem and ending with the main character actively doing something useful.

And that Natsume’s personality stayed on good track along the way.

That said, there’s barely shinigami part in this one. They did talk about her soul being split during the accident and how she needs the willpower to stay alive or something. But there’s nothing strictly specific to shinigami.

I like the dialogue during the route so it’s all good though!

If there’s anything lacking, it’s the after story h-scene’s china dress being completely intact during the whole scene. It’s similar problem with Mei’s after story h-scenes.

The main heroine routes are now all done and only Suzune route remains. I hope I can finish it by tomorrow so I can go back to either Kimisora or Mamiya… is what I thought. April is closing in so I think I’ll read 9-Haruiro first and only then finally back to my interrupted backlogs.

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