Tapestry (A1) – Cafe Stella (Trader)

And here’s the last one, from Trader. Smile, check. Nipples, check. Wet panties, check. Bare foot, well, it’s not really my thing. Also missing kneesocks.

I noticed that despite all tapestries are with maid uniform, they all have different socks. I wonder if it’s like that in-game as well. Probably not.

Unlike the other two, this one is A1-sized. The rarer size in my collection. At least I think I have space for it without needing sacrifice anything.

Surprisingly this is another double suede, making the tapestries I got are all double suede. That’s new, I think. I sure wish stores do this for all titles. That said, I think all other non-Natsume tapestries are using normal thin material. Yay Natsume fans?

The print is good though too bad this uses thin pipe which most likely means bent pipe after hung for a while.

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