Sekiya Asami book’s tapestry bonus

I don’t usually check this but I just happen to see this one. Through release of Sekiya Asami’s book. There’s one from Melonbooks. And there’s another one from Tora no ana. I didn’t even know they’re releasing book soon, lol. Initially I thought this is the monthly (?) Comic Bavel tapestry thingy but it’s for release of a book. Oh well, lol. I even wrote the wrong title until I actually checked what this is for.

I don’t think I’ll be getting any though. Maybe just the book digitally through DMM or something.

A.M.R 2019 Winter Goods

Pre-order has started, will be up for a bit over a week until 11th.

Okita tapestry! And in B1 even. This will be my first B1 tapestry of both Okita and anything drawn by Ikegami Akane. Thankfully it’s on completely SFW side. Either completely lewd or completely SFW are my preferences. Anything in between usually get lower priority to be hanged up and thus is more likely to be pushed out by other tapestries. Or maybe not if it’s by her.

But it’s Okita. So, yay.

As for the hood blanket, it’s rather unfortunate only her top half is visible. Seems like a missed opportunity.

Go buy themmmmmmm. Or something. I ordered mine already.

E☆2 Artists Calendar 2020

As 2020 is closing by, calendars are also being sold here and there and of course there’s the series by E-2.

New this (next?) year is the extra tapestry is double suede material. That changes things. Or not. I don’t know yet, kind of want to see what they are first. Also I don’t exactly need more calendars at the moment. Not to mention a rather expensive one.

Kuwai-ya Comic1-16 tapestries pre-order

I didn’t even know the circle before but I found this on Suruga-ya for 2800yen. They didn’t list the material so I went looking for more information and stumbled upon this pre-order. Both Jeanne and Okita looks pretty interesting but unfortunately it uses satin material. If it’s anything like the one by Melonbooks I got a few years ago, I might end up not liking it.

In the end I bought it from Suruga-ya and if I have no problem with the material I may buy the other one as well? It should arrive before the pre-order closes which is November 20. I think.

(and there goes unexpected 4k spending… – I bought something else while at it)

Actually I’m not sure if it’s actually pre-order because the linked page doesn’t mentioned it much but it says BTO and the ones in Melonbooks have cutoff period.

A.M.R (Ikegami Akane) new tapestry – Apollo

New B2 tapestry of Apollo.

Almost all ages, with pose almost similar to the Choco one from few years ago. Seems pretty nice regardless. Knee-socks are good. The dress is fancy and not too bright, although can use panties instead of, uh, what’s the name again. That’d be rather against the original goal of being all ages though.

Unfortunately no info on the material yet. Her previous tapestry was thin material so the possibility this one is as well is pretty high. I think she only ever released one double suede tapestry.

Also I sure can use some B1 tapestries…