Digest Vol. 92 – Title goes here


Had some problem with current hosting being awfully slow for no apparent reason. It’s happened often enough I’m considering moving somewhere else next billing cycle.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Mifuyu route. Slightly more things happened. It also felt a bit shorter though.

Currently at Hatsune route. There doesn’t seem to be anything happening in her route… yet?

I should be able to finish it today (it’s holiday here) and then finally the main (?) route, Kureha.

As per original plan, I’ll continue to Nekonin Exheart and then either Rorolog or Kamiyaba depending on what my dice rolls.

Wasting money

Sold a few stuff this week. And bought some stuff. Finally gotten the Kurafuta official store bonus tapestry. That was expensive.

Also bought some other older stuff and games. I think I’m still doing fine. This month is almost over as well. Looking back, I spent a bit too much this month.

I hope I can sell the Karumaruka Circle PSV games since I don’t need those. And the extra tapestry because I’m getting complete version from two stores.

That said, there will be Cuffs spring goods next month which most likely will cost me a lot. And of course Comic1, Character1, and Eshi 100.

Looks a bit dangerous \o/


New stuff

Yay more hug pillow cover. Exactly what I need. More coming soon. Shin from Karumaruka Circle. About 7k yen from YJA. Not too bad, I’d say. In relatively good condition.

And more of her stuff. Tapestry from Getchu. Not too bad at around 2.5k yen. And then Suruga-Ya started selling it for 2k few days after I got this.

And this one is from Tora no Ana. This one was 3.2k which is relatively cheap for its rarity.

This thing stayed too long in my page monitor list and was discounted for 1.2k total with shipping at Comshop. Reminiscence Re: Collect Sofmap bonus.

Denkigai 2016 Winter tapestries! Starting off with minori’s Trinoline. Nice wardrobe malfunctions?

Whirlpool’s Nekonin Exheart! Yay Takano Yuki! At least she’s inside with that kind of setup.

Because look at this pervert. Naked (santa) coat on winter? What. feng’s vaporware, Yume to Iro de Dekite Iru. Will it be finally released this year?! Heck, the site isn’t even up yet.

And lastly the other pervert, ribbon underneath an otherwise normal looking winter one piece dress. I’m fine with it though. Saga Planets’ Floral Flowlove.

That concludes my purchases this time. Slightly fewer than usual thanks to the artist lineup. Here’s for better Summer lineup which also usually comes with slightly more logical situation.

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