Digest Vol. 93 – Busy weekend


I forgot to change the post title last week, lol.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Hatsune! I don’t remember ever seeing something like its last scene before. Otherwise feels much like Mahoro’s route. Not a bad thing though doesn’t help my reading speed.

Now on to the main route, Kureha. Seems pretty interesting so far with finally clearing up business left from common (?) route.

Should be done around Wednesday which then I’ll continue to Nekonin Exheart. Regarding what to play afterwards, I have no idea yet. One of the March release seems interesting but tapestries and hug pillow cover wise it seems like I should play Karumaruka Circle instead. We’ll see (as usual).

Wasting money

Melonbooks tapestries at unexpected time. For some reason they’re doing it twice this month? Also bought some older stuff as usual and brought my balance even lower.

At least I sold some stuff this weekend. It helped balancing out my extra spending a bit

Upcoming preorder of July games isn’t helping though. As usual I’ll probably do complete set for both currently planned games.

Parasol’s is currently on hold because most of the heroines aren’t flat. And they don’t really have much other virtues. Chikotam isn’t involved either, so…

This month is almost ending but there will be two big spending coming last day of the month.

April isn’t looking too bright either with all the events. I guess I need to start selling more stuff. Haven’t added much this last two weeks either.


Barely any news!

New stuff

Five years and it still costs over 10k yen. Official store bonus tapestry of Kurafuta.

From what I gather, this is the only other R-18 book from Tegone Spike. And then I accidentally ordered twice instead. Whoops. At least it was cheap-ish.

The price for this has been relatively stable at around 4k yen. It went below 4k when I bought it. Meanwhile, I’ve played a total of zero Yuzu-Soft games so far :D

GOT tapestry series, this one is from Hagure Yuuki. My first time getting this series’ tapestries. Too bad this one has exceptionally plain background.

And the pair. Just had to grab both. DMM failed to charge my card initially because I didn’t have enough DMM points. Apparently they didn’t immediately deduct the point when doing pre-order. Oh well.

March eroge day (1)! Starting off with Kamiyaba. Too  bad the true route isn’t true sister. Bought off official store. I really should’ve bought Seiyuu from the official store as well to save me a lot of effort getting the opening and ending CDs.

And the bonus tapestry. I think the neck is a bit long. Similar to what I felt about Moteyaba’s Kanae. Weird that it seemed fine in Yomeyaba. Thankfully her other CGs (and tapestries) seem fine.

And then Rorolog HS. This one is from official store, completest edition.

And the Melonbooks tapestry! Yeah I bought the full game from two stores. I sold one of them right away at okay price. I really need to stop doing it because it’s just okay. There isn’t much difference compared to buying just the bonus off YJA.

That wet panties.

Gacha keyholders! Now I look again, I’m not sure why I never did Yuzu-Soft gacha. Anyway, got my main target first try for Rorolog but missed Urara for Kamiyaba. At least they’re my 2nd and 3rd favorites.

A bit curious about this artist and bought those. Okay-ish, I guess? Left one is relatively good but the story for right one is a bit confusing because it jumps around without warning. Apparently this is a second print and the guy added some extra pages along.

Melonbooks Uribou Zakkaten… last month? Can’t remember when. This one is illustrated by Pan. Couldn’t decide which size to go so I got both. I think I’ll keep the B1.

From same batch. By similar logic I should be buying both sizes for this as well but I didn’t. Probably I instinctively thought B1 is better. I think it is. I need more wall space though.

This one is Yuuhi from Trinoline drawn by Konomi. Sure wish the boobs aren’t gigantic.

I should’ve checked price at other place before placing final bid. I later learned that Suruga-Ya was selling this for about similar price. At least it’s less than 1k difference compared to my haste on Karumaruka Circle tapestries last week as it ended up the Tora no Ana tapestry being sold at Comshop for 2k less. Whoops.

Now I look again, I’ll probably sell this one. Not sure yet.

Apparently this was released during the second (?) live some weeks ago. Bought this one at AnimeJapan.

Majo Koi Nikki, pillow cover bonus. Yay. It’s my second one, actually. First one was auctioned off without ever being opened though. I didn’t even quite want this but I wanted the accompanying thing (see below) so I ended up buying this again.

As it doesn’t seem to be unopened, I figured might as well use it. Also it’s using Lycra material.

Last missing drama CD of the series.

Unfortunately this one isn’t 2wt ;_; Smooth knit, I think? Tateha pillow cover. I’ve been considering to get this one since few months ago and finally showed up at Suruga-Ya.

Lesson learned (on material). Though I’m not sure if I’ll buy more of this thing.

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