Digest Vol. 94 – That was quick


Holy shit it’s 8 already. This post shall be even more incoherent than usual.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Sakura no Mori Dreamers! Kureha route as expected is the most interesting one. The background story sure is grim.

And then finished Nekonin Exheart! Three days. Woo. So light in story it’s almost nukige. All the lickings aren’t helping either. If only the boobs are a bit smaller. Or a lot.

With that one out of the way (much sooner than expected), next is… not yet decided! I was thinking of doing one of last month releases but not sure anymore. Anything goes at the moment. I’ll pick one at random… for titles I have pillow cover of (yeah I’m still doing this).

Wasting money

Last month was pretty painful. This month isn’t looking too good either. Currently projected number will leave me a bit in danger at the end of month.

Still too early for detailed plan so I hope it’ll end up better for once. Should be fine as long I don’t backlog too much.

At least I sold quite a bit stuff this week. Most of them are low priced stuff though. At least better than selling to Suruga-Ya. Need to put up more sometime later… but… effort…

Sure is depressing way to start a month.


New stuff

The mythical tapestry. One of sudden event from Melonbooks. This one illustrated by Tateha. Sold out the second day everywhere. Found this one in Suruga-Ya. Didn’t expect it to be censored though, lol.

At least it’s double suede! Yay.

So many pillow covers this week! First one is Shiina from Sankaku Renai. Seems a bit blurry…

And the second one, Yuuri (uniform edition) from Sakusaku. a bit less than 6000 yen from Suruga-Ya. The condition seems close to perfect. Washed anyway.

And the tapestry.

One week off, minori’s Trinoline. Bought off Melonbooks.

Fukami from Maitetsu. Comes with voice drama.

A bit curious about this. It’s okay, I guess.

I doubt I can gather enough points for the tapestry so I went ahead and grabbed this desk mat thingy. This one is illustrated by Miyasaka Miyu.

Kamiyaba bonus CDs.

And then Melonbooks tapestry.

And lastly from Goodwill.

Getchu tapestry of Rorolog HS. For some reason all I have for landscape tapestries from this series are of her.

This and Kamiyaba stuff arrived quite late because it was held up by Trinoline release which was one week late.

Finally Trinoline extra tapestries. This one from Gamers.

And then Tora no Ana. Unique material as usual. I’ve mentioned this before but I still think this one is superior compared to usual thin tapestries. The rough material seems to improve how the print looks.

If only the bottom pipe isn’t closed up.

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