Digest Vol. 95 – Backlogs yay


My plan to sleep and wake up early sure is failing already.

Eroge playthrough

I rolled Cafe Sourire so that I play. The protagonist is pretty annoying at current route (Kasumi). I didn’t realize I entered a specific route until it’s halfway until confession. They did it pretty smoothly but the protagonist is still annoying regardless. At least the two other heroines seem to be saner so I hope things will balance out.

Play order is as usual from least to most liked which in this game Kasumi, Serika, Kyouko, and finally Miyuri. Miyuri didn’t disappoint from what I can tell.

At current rate I should be able to finish this before end of this month…

Wasting money

Backlog of course did happen. A lot. On various things even.

Oh and also one more Floflo VFB. Why am I doing this aaaaaaaa.

Thankfully that motivated me to finally put out a bunch of stuff for auction. Or so that’s the plan because it took hours just to gather all the tapestries. I still need to take photo, figure out market price, and finally put the up at YJA. Hopefully it’ll bring me back some cash. Or Yahoo Money because I like getting that 8% extra. Or 5% if I end up withdrawing the money (unlikely).

Sold two items this week. High-valued ones so I ended up getting about the same amount as previous week.

There isn’t much info on end of month events yet. I’m skipping Melonbooks because they’re selling the tapestry separately later. The rest are still unknown.


That’s all. Um, yeah.

New stuff

Finally gotten this Kurafuta tapestry from Trader. Not quite sure what kind of situation is that but lewd so everything is all right. At 2500 yen, it’s not too bad.

Thin material as usual. At least the print is good.

Digging around Muririn tapestry and found this at Mandarake (online store) for 2700 yen total with shipping. The illustration was from 2007 and the tapestry itself was released 2012.

Usual K-Books double suede. The illustration itself seems a bit rough especially the outlines.

The price for this one went below 2500 so I figured why not. DC3WY tapestry from Goodwill. Now I’m only missing Medio and Seagull…

Grabbed Kurafuta sofmap tapestry together for free shipping. Yeah, I ended up buying it again. No photo for it.

Didn’t expect to get this one but it was 4700 yen with shipping at YJA so I figured heck why not. Tomoka hug pillow cover from Kurafuta.

Now I’m only missing Izumi. I doubt I’ll ever get it though.

And lastly Mitsuki from Tearstilla. I should’ve bought this at the event or online store and there were lots of chances as well. Yeah, that was dumb. And so I paid the dumb fee of about 2000 yen (屮゜Д゜)屮

This is the part someone sells this for 10k later this week.

She’s the trigger for me liking Mikagami Mamizu illustrations. Specifically this one. This is also the first game I bought full store bonus from beginning.

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