Digest Vol. 91 – I need some sleep



Events (Dengeki Festival 2017)

Arrived around 9:00 because I was too lazy. A relatively correct decision because I end up only waiting two and half hours and still plenty of stock for stuff I wanted.

Had some stamp rally thing and gotten some plastic bookmarks.

The experience areas were pretty crowded so I skipped them. Not that I cared much anyway. Except for VR zone which might be interesting.

…and that’s about it. I didn’t bother waiting until announcement of new anime and stuff.

Update: forgot that the area for purchasing item is not using order form but just standard store type where you pick the items you want to purchase yourself.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Mahoro route. It was relatively straightforward. To the far future. H-scenes here and there and finally a boring revelation. The h-scenes were relatively short.

Now on Mifuyu route and just passed her first h-scene. At current rate I should be able to finish her route before weekend and proceeds finished the other two routes. I don’t know if true end is in one of those two or another route.

That said, even if I can finish everything next weekend, I wouldn’t have time for another game, even short one. Four days just won’t be enough. Oh well.

Wasting money

Sold quite a lot of stuff this week. Well, I did have quite a few unplanned spending as well so it pretty much balances out.

Still need to put up a bit more but perhaps next or the following week. Unless I somehow get enough motivation to look for the stuff on my to-sell list.

I don’t think there will be more stuff coming for this month. Whirlpool store thankfully (and disappointedly) doesn’t have much interesting stuff.

There will be AnimeJapan at end of this month but I don’t think I’ll spend much there. Or at all beyond foods and train fares. I did pay for the tickets already.

If anything, it’d be official store bonus for DSif which is still a mystery. And Karumaruka Circle PSV Sofmap store bonus.


  • Karumaruka Circle PSV. Unlike the other two (one which I don’t really care about and the other one I don’t find any interesting bonus), Shin is cute.
  • Kamiyaba Gacha. Thankfully it’ll be in all Trader branches. I’ll pull about two or three times. Urara or Nanami or Yukari please.
  • More Trinoline tapestries. Now comes with B0. Thankfully there’s still B1.
  • Comic1-11 and Melonbooks stuff. Too bad Yukie tapestry is B0. Melonbooks being Melonbooks, it looks like they’re still adding more stuff. At least they’re upfront about it this time. Otherwise I don’t see anything interesting at the moment.
  • Floral Flowlove Visual Fanbook. Comes with append disc, making it one of the more expensive append disk. Doesn’t even contain extra h-scene for Riku or Nanao. Bought anyway.

New stuff

More doujins! Some from recent events, some from older ones. It has been a long time since I last bought Kokikko book.

First Anmi tapestries! Material is a bit weird just like Anigema tapestries. Slightly thicker than usual suede. Unfortunately the print quality is bad. Seems to be using a low dpi resulting in blurry print

Also ink blots here and there. Thankfully not too visible.

Same as above. Also the background can sure use a bit more effort.

The mug coupled with previous purchases allowed me to roll the gacha four times. I didn’t get anything more than the lowest prize. Unfortunately I’ve already gotten all the ones I cared about.

Visited Tenplant Sagaplanets shop and found this. I’ve been looking for a new cup because my current one, while big enough, is a pain to wash.

Tapestry of Murasame from Senren Banka. Not quite planned. Someone wanted tapestry from the collaboration event thingy and I figured might as well grab this one. Still need to play the game…

Main objective this Sunday. Chikotam tapestry from Kodomo no Moeoh cover illustration. This one is volume 2. The same girl they released hug pillow cover of. That skirt lift.

And the other one from volume 1. Suspiciously nopan. Also the tapestries are both rated R-15 =D

Extra. Not sure I wanted but figured might as well grab them. There’s no new illustrations apart of the covers from what I can tell.

One A5 (I think) clear file for each 3000 yen spending. I’m just a bit off to 12000 yen total so I only got three. The other sides are from different series (SAO, Gabriel, and Blue Reflection).

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