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Image stolen from Amazon

It’s a thing! To be released in two weeks! Go preorder now!

I recommend from either Melonbooks with this lewd Apolo tapestry:

It’s Apolo! (or is it Apollo)

Or Tora no ana with this less lewd Choco tapestry:

I personally buy two. Of course 👀

And here’s some observation log I had on this.

Before that, RIP Marble btw. Or maybe she’s on back/inside cover or something. But still.

It took one and half months since it first appeared in Melonbooks and other stores, and the full info on it is finally up.

It started rather weird. The preorder page was up on several stores including Melonbooks, Amazon, and Getchu. It was in general category for Melonbooks but it was in R-18 section for Amazon and Getchu. Well, considering the publisher is Core Magazine there’s little doubt it’s actually R-18 and Melonbooks was just being weird.

Also weird was there were two release dates; first on end of November and another on end of December. Someone did some more digging and found it’s listed on both months on Core Magazine website’s release schedule calendar.

Eventually nothing came out by end of last month and so it was pretty certain it’ll be for December.

That said there’s still no info at all on it until one of Melonbooks branch tweeted preorder for its limited edition last week’s Thursday.

I promptly preordered it at nearby Melonbooks the day after and few hours later the official announcement tweet I linked above was finally up.

Despite that though, there’s still no other information on it. Melonbooks still has its old page and there’s no sign of the book at all in Tora no ana. The latter being especially weird as it’s explicitly mentioned in the tweet.

Fast forward few days to last Monday, Melonbooks finally has the limited edition page on their online store. The bonus is still “Now printing” though despite it should’ve been available as proved by the earliest tweet on it. And the rating was updated as well to R-18. I wonder how that works out with existing preorder and all. Hopefully they didn’t get into too much problem regarding rating change. It’s Melonbooks though which I’ve always find rating rather nonsense sometimes. Maybe it’s just their business as usual.

And lastly around noon yesterday the product page finally appeared on Tora no ana. It was set on zero stock at the time so normal search wouldn’t find it but I somehow have all items search tab as well, so, yeah. And the sample image for tapestry bonus was immediately available as well.

Few hours later the book and bonus can finally be ordered and all is well that ends well.

And I’m about 10k yen poorer.

Looking back, it’s probably safe to guess that they tried to release the book on November but eventually couldn’t make it so the release date is moved to this month. That would explain why the product page was up on October and some stores says release date November. And also the very long delay between that and actual announcement date. Oh well.

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