Weekly Finance vol. 59


Sold one tapestry which I thought I wouldn’t be able to sell. At quite a loss but just that it’s sold is a good thing. Also another unused hard disk.

Future in

One last hard disk and finally put up some old adapters. I doubt anyone will buy them but I put them up anyway in case anyone do buy it so it can have another life instead of being thrown to landfill or whatever they do with disposed electronics.


Ikegami Akane artbook cover and bonus and stuff info is out! That’s one nice Taruto as cover. I don’t know the girl in last image. Preorder is up for Melonbooks (tapestry image) but not yet for Tora no ana.

And, yeah, I did preorder that on retail store to save on shipping.

I’ll probably preorder at Tora no ana as well once it’s up. I actually contacted them asking when it’ll be available but their answer was no estimate at the moment.

Nothing much otherwise. Well, I did watch FGO ep 6 movie so there’s that.

Future out

Lineup for Palette and Saga Planets on Popfes is up.

Saga Planets I’ve talked about last time and there’s no change in plan. Or is there. I may lean a bit on skipping everything this time. Maybe. I really need to keep down non-R18 tapestries count down. R-18 ones as well but they’re easier to justify.

And depsite right after writing that, I do plan getting the Noa B1 tapestry. It just looked too nice to skip. And then there’s the calendar. I don’t know about Mashifoni piano CD. Maybe I’ll get it as well.

Unfortunately my guess last week was off about Noa dakimakura cover. That was kinda confusing. I just hope it’s only “not yet” and not “never”. Annoyingly the latter is a possibility due to Palette trying to go all ages.

Continuing on that, what if the new Mashifoni is all ages as well… 🙁

Apart of those Popfes stuff, I don’t think there’s anything else interesting coming in yet.


Still going up! 17.4%. That’s a lot. Hopefully it stays going up.

And I’ll probably finally look into buying bonds before end of this month. There seems to be enough fund for it now.

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