Mamiya’s Moeri route completed

That took a long while. Three weeks long.

Surprisingly this one took quite a different route. Unlike the previous two I went through, they solved the problem without opening the beach cafe. It’s also pretty interesting the main problem for this route is squarely at the repayment. There isn’t much character development happened but the overall story actually make up for it.

Also interesting they sure had a lot of sex in school. I guess it makes sense as Moeri is also a 風紀委員 (what was the English for this again?). Of course they did a lot of it in the council room as they should(?).

It was the best route for me so far.

Now onward to…

…uh, I don’t know yet! Maybe switch to Cafe Stella for a bit? Or something.

Back a bit to Mamiya, I noticed that there might be no harem route? Or there just aren’t many H-scenes for harem route? I’ll find out… next year?

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