Weekly Finance vol. 9


Surprisingly sold some stuff with only 15% loss. That was nice. I considered taking two weeks off but I figured might as well keep going so I’ll be begrudgingly going outside instead of staying home all day.


I thought 9-yukiiro pre-order starts last Friday but it’s this Friday. So, yay.

Nothing else new announced recently as far as I remember so last week’s plan is still a thing.


As mentioned in last week’s digest, I toyed around with idea of getting a new Ryzen system. And that happened. So I blew the extra budget I had.

The end result shouldn’t be too much different compared to last year but I spent way more on new apartment rent last year so it’s not quite the same comparison. I also had way more stuff to be sold. And next year would be even worse so I need to adjust accordingly.

That said I still need to sell quite a bit more stuff remaining and maybe trim even further to get my tapestries collection to some sensible amount instead of way over 200 at the moment.

Oh and of course to trim my doujinshi collection though that one is mostly just space clean up as I don’t think I can recover much value from them.

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