Digest Vol. 85 – Erm

Erogame playthrough

Almost no progress! I’ve been having something to do which is taking up all my extra time until this Tuesday. Barely progressed on Maina’s route.

Also I jumped to conclusion too fast last week regarding Moteyaba. Hopefully the final route will give satisfactory closing.

Wasting money

Unexpected stuff did come after all in form of hug pillow cover of Shiina from Sankaku Renai. Welp. Also the transaction did fail after all for that one tapestry so another 6k less in my wallet.

I’ll be selling a bit more stuff later this week which hopefully can bring my balance to green again. I’m not really in rush though as it’s still in green-ish range. Just a bit yellow-ish. There’s also Suruga-Ya stuff which I finally shipped. We’ll find out in a week. Or two. I think it’s more likely two because they’re slow like that.

On other hand, it sure is getting much more difficult filtering out stuff to be sold. It is the mastery I’m still missing.


New stuff

The third Otome Domain radio. Figured might as well complete this series.

From Dengeki Moeoh 2016-10 goods online order. Illustrated by Tinkle.

Cuffs goods from 2016 Winter finally arrived as well. Tapestry of Moeri from Mamiya. Usual new Cuffs stuff (double suede but small pipe).

And the accompanying hug pillow cover. Nekoto this time. I think I’m only missing Tamane from my list now.

Some clear files from buying stuff off Getchu.

Ninki Seiyuu no Tsukuri Kata from MintCube. Didn’t even plan on getting this but gotten it anyway to get the Kamiyaba ED single. Not intending on getting the tapestries to bought it off Getchu and sold the extra pillow cover. Keeping the voice drama though. And collecting the other two as well for a normal(-ish) price. I learned my lesson.

Talking about MintCube, I also need to finish Ama Koi Syrups.

Finally the complete version of Karory’s Kimi no Na wa doujinshi. Released at CT29, bought off Melonbooks.

Melonbooks Uribou Zakkaten satin tapestry, illustrated by Pan. First satin tapestry!… or maybe not. I don’t have it with me anymore but I’ve seen something similar to this before. Need to be ironed. At least I like the illustration otherwise it’d end up at YJA by now.

So shiny.

Tapestry of last eroge I got this month, Kanojo to Ore no Lovely Day. Chikotam yay!

The main reason I bought Sayou. ED single of Kamiyaba and Sayou.

Actually this should be the only game I got this month.

After a long chain of not-quite-misses, I finally got a complete miss this time. I bought another one for someone else as well and it’s not Chikotam’s either :(

I don’t think I’ll hunt around for Chikotam’s though.

And lastly the OST. As usual of Parasol since last few releases, they released the OST alongside with the game itself at same day. Sure wish they just bundle them together.

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