Digest Vol. 81 – Freedom


I should’ve written down log of the events I went to so I can reference it when needed.


Denkigai day. And also first day of Palette Winter Party. I went to Denkigai first since I’ve got help for the other event. Well, I also gotten help for Denkigai.

First train, arrived at 5-ish? There are already quite a lot of people queuing. Afterwards around 6 (I think) they did a draw to decide the order of lines to enter the event.

Queuing for Sagaplanets, which after discovering the purchase limit I left the line because I’ve got another help there and I was only there in case extra purchases is needed.

Moved on to feng, bought some stuff and bought a bit more stuff at another booths (including preordering for Whirlpool’s Nekonin). Waited a bit more (11-ish?) until ALcot’s line cleared up and bought the Yomegami OST, last item on my list for the event.

Thankfully the purchase limit for Palette’s event was just enough as well so I went on to Akiba to meet and pickup the stuff.

Thus the event for the day ended.

Later I learned Palette has enough stuff in stock so it should’ve went all right anyway. I think.


Comiket 1st day. With help of magical paper I started the day a bit later at 8.

Went to Russell first. Done pretty quickly as expected.

Moved on to Windmill. There’s a bit of line but didn’t take too long either.

Checked out Toypla and the line was stupid long already so I moved on to Melonbooks.

There’s quite a line at Melonbooks as well but was still manageable. Kinokonomi set was sold out pretty quickly but I didn’t even plan to buy it so it’s not quite relevant to me.

Done with the floor (sans Toypla), I ran to east hall. First to go was ke-ta. Long line. Waited for an hour and done at 12.

Kantoku is the next one, a bit long as well but faster than ke-ta. Took about 20 minutes.

Obtained Cat=Katz book as well and lastly Tsubasu’s book which was consigned at another circle. A bit surprised that the book was still available. That saved me effort for day 3.

Back to west hall, this time the first floor where August and Kadokawa were located. August line seemed all right so I went there first. Afterwards I checked Kadokawa and it’s still pretty long.

Fourth floor I went for Toypla again. Still a long line but as I don’t have much left to do I just queued and bought the stuff I wanted.

Later back to Kadokawa at 14:07 and done at 14:30. Went to Akiba to meet people (and stuff exchange), followed by going to Sagaplanets shop to waste even more money and thus concludes the day (kind of).


I didn’t go to any event. Did stop by at Shinjuku to pick up some stuff and preorder Nine though.


Main day! First train as usual. Instead of going to east area queue, I went to west queue instead. The queue for going to east, that is. Things I learned:

  • no rushing (the area is pretty close to station)
  • convenient access to convenience store
  • and toilets (though really shouldn’t need to use it)
  • and McD (lol)
  • and a less cold area (like, inside a building)
  • which later went inside building few minutes before opening, saved me from being frozen even more
  • with net result of entering the hall only few minutes after opening.

10/10, will do again.

Queued Yukie first because I can. Obtained everything without a hitch.

Planned to go to Pan immediately except the fastest route is still not available so stopped by a few circles on the way.

…which then found out Pan’s line is already stupid long ;_;

Given up, went to a few other circles before coming back to Pan at 11-ish. Hug pillow cover was sold out at about 11:20 while I’m still far behind at the queue. Whoops.

Left immediately and cleared up whatever I can clear up, pretty much optimizing for shortest route.

Other notable stuff:

  • One hour queue for Tinkle (12:30 to 13:30)
  • Yaki Ubu stuff sold out pretty quickly (around 12)
  • Takoyaki’s himself is still relatively fine though.
  • Anmi line was stupid long. And slow (iirc).
  • No line at Nanao Naru.
  • Shiromochi Sakura also went out quickly.
  • Karory seemed to hold up a bit longer than I thought. Except it’s still sold out when I’m done with Tinkle.
  • Muririn went out quickly as well. I did manage to grab the very last book though (complete with an RPS). Well, half of the original plan. Will grab the other book later.
  • Riichu held up pretty long that I still got both books I wanted (it was around 14-ish)

Met up with people before finally went back and had a good sleep.


Missed Pan stuff ;-;

Eroge Playthrough

Barely any progress!

As expected. Still cleaning up a bit after the event so didn’t play much at Sunday either. Hopefully will be back full speed today (after getting some sleep).

Looking Back at 2016

I finished 15 titles in 2016. Some of them are single routes or mini fandisc though. Excluding them, I finished about 11 titles. Really need to pick up the pace otherwise I won’t finish my backlog ever…

Going Forward

I have no idea yet. I’ve been trying to buy less games but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t quite work. At least I don’t have that many planned for January, February, and April.

No, don’t ask me about March aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I think I’ll cancel Newrin after all.

Wasting Money

Ended up spending slightly less than I originally planned. Kind of. Hug pillow cover from Pan will probably balance things out if she ever sells it at store.

Weird thing is because the month has just started and I did sell stuff at YJA, I ended up at negative spending for this month’s first weekend! Ha ha ha.

Assuming nothing stupid comes up this month, I should be recovering pretty well this month. Bright future ahead!

(I hope)


That’s it!

New Stuff

Stuff from 28th.

And then 29th.

Not going to events at 30th so here’s from store pickup.

And last day. Took a bit of time to do this…

…only to found out I missed some stuff afterwards.

Hug pillow covers! Didn’t even plan to buy this but ended up did it anyway. It has been on my wishlist and her expressions are just perfect. That it’s produced by Stylus helps as well. Illustrated by Kimishima Ao.

Otome Domain’s first hug pillow cover. I think I can manage getting for all heroines. And Minato as well? I doubt it’ll happen though.

And the long awaited Tina from Sakusaku. Too bad the print quality is low. Feels like they sent low DPI image to the printing company and thus upscaled badly.

Murasame from Senren Banka. Meanwhile there’s no covers from Sanoba Witch.

Yukie’s original heroine. I think she’s got a tapestry from Melonbooks as well.

Sure didn’t expect a Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia tapestry at this time. Pretty good despite not a new illustration nor using thicker material. Usual suede.

And another one, this one is Misaki. Same spec.

Lastly Shouko. Same thing.

minori usual white background tapestry. I think this is the first time I’m getting one illustrated by Yuzuna Hiyo. Double suede as usual.

Still from minori, this one is konomi’s Yuuri. Sure hoped her boobs to be smaller though.

No idea why they’re releasing new stuff from a 2013 game. More Koyomi is good though.

Another tapestry of Kazari from Otome Domain. I think she’s still got the most tapestries at this point. Need more Minato. Or at least Hinata.

Sen no Hatou A2 tapestry included in the goods set. Suede as usual from August.

And this one is from Windmill’s set. Suede as well.

Melonbooks C91 Tatekawa Mako tapestry. Completely sfw for once. Wished they used image of the blanket for tapestry instead. Double suede.

Another one from Melonbooks, this one is illustrated by Shiromochi Sakura. No complaint here. Double suede as well. There’s also Pan set but the tapestry is suede so I didn’t get it ;_;

Moeoh Comiket tapestry. Illustrated by Tomose Shunsaku. Double suede A&J for 4500. Expensive as usual from Moeoh.

Same Moeoh, illustrated by Yuuki Hagure. Why do they never release one by Chikotam (屮゜Д゜)屮

Oh look, double suede first time from Toypla (instead of re-release). Senren Banka’s Mako. Recycled illustration from event cg.

And a re-release of Koyomi from Karumaruka Circle. Double suede \o/ Sure wish they do double suede from beginning for all their recent releases but nope.

First R-18 doujin tapestry by Tateha.

Tapestry produced by LibiPro, illustrated by cura ( ゚◡゚)

Comes with a drama CD! Yay! The content is pretty good. I mean, lewd. Good lewd.

Finally arrived Tech Gian tapestry of Fujino Yuki from Haruoto Alice Gram. One of two heroines illustrated by Nanao Naru. Should’ve bought this from Kadokawa store instead of ebten for the free shipping.

Early pre-order shikishi of 9 Nine -Kokonotsu Kononoka Koko no Iro-. Apparently the nickname is Kokoiro. Calling it Nine (as I’ve been doing internally) sure is weird :D

Yeah, I’m getting everything direct from respective stores ヽ( ゚ ヮ゚)ノ

Slightly annoyed that I won’t get early bonus from Getchu.

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  1. I see you got Muririn’s joint book… is it a comic or illustration book? I couldn’t find any samples to tell.

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