On Sakura no Uta

So I managed to finish Sakura no Uta yesterday. It’s mostly good though combination of my lack of Japanese skill, inability to remember names (both in-game characters and all the references), and involvement of poems (and similarly annoyingly complex proses, English and Japanese) kind of hindered my enjoyment and understanding of the details of the story.

That said, there’s one main thing I’m really having problem with (spoiler ahead).

BGI_2016-08-24_11-28-20The breakdown of Shizuku. Well, that part is understandable. The (second?) loss of emotion also probably happened. But did she never recover? Why does she seem so indifferent in this scene? Why is she going with Rin and not together with Naoya and Ai instead? Is it because Rin is her best friend? But even then I don’t think that goes above family. Or does it? Or is it the same reason Kenichirou introduces Rin to Shizuku? Or is there a grander plot behind, the same as Rin going abroad?

What the hell exactly happened after the incident outside of Naoya’s perspective? What did I miss?


On unrelated note, is there hidden function the dialogue with Nei in the last part?

…I’ll need some time to get this properly sunk. Or a second pass reading.

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