Digest Vol. 62 – What

It’s almost 5 am and it still feels like few hours away from me finishing this last route! I played until 10am and no end in sight o_o Still at Sakura no Uta, currently at 44 days in – about one and half month.

As usual (?), ended up buying random backlogged stuff as well. At least they’re about half the original price! Should arrive sometime later this week. I think I’m currently at yellow-ish? \o/ A bit slower than I hoped but still on track to green.


New Stuff

tapestry: K-Books 2016 Summer - Pan

Pan’s tapestry from K-Books summer goods. Double suede as usual and with stupid frame as usual as well…

books: allegro mistic c90, jenoa cake c90

Some doujins I missed from the event. More coming later this week.

shikishi: Kanojo to Ore no Lovely Day Early Pre-Order

Ended up pre-ordering Lovely Day at Melonbooks.

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