Kimi e okuru, sora no hana done

Finally continued this game and finished An route in record time of two days. Or is it even record time?

Kind of spoilers ahead?

Well, unfortunately, An’s route is pretty short. I guess I should’ve expected that considering she goes to different school and can’t really be involved in ghost-related things. Still an interesting backstory and the origin of her polite speech style is a bit… fun.

The H-scenes are… okay. The scenes in Hakoniwa was mostly fine as well (except for the cumming sound effect which is lol), and it’s about the same here. If anything, the art seems a bit less refined because it’s earlier work.

Finishing that, that was all I thought. I looked at the CG area to confirm and noticed I missed quite a few CGs. Curious I checked the “ending collection” and sure enough I noticed there’s at least one more bad ending I haven’t seen yet.

Took me a while to figure out how to reach that and finally finished it. That was mildly interesting. I should’ve read it way earlier. Whoops.

As I figured that should be all, before the game transitions back to home screen, it showed message saying grand route has been unlocked…

That was interesting. Back to ending collection I went and sure enough there’s one extra ending added in.

Despite being called “grand route”, it doesn’t really involve the main characters but instead the origin of the school itself. And some moving story about family. That sure was nice touch. Not sure about it a “grand route” though.

Still, it was a nice closure for the story.

With that over, I guess I’ll finally finish Mamiya…

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