9-yukiiro done

Best heroine is best

In my personal record time of only three days to finish reading this.

There’s barely any breaks, tension is high almost all the time, the suspense forced me to just keep reading until the end.

The h-scenes are pretty nice as well although I did disable the animation. I did enable MC’s voice this time (as I didn’t notice I have it disabled last time). There’s noticeable lack of certain type of play though which a bit sad.

Spoilers ahead.

I mean, “let’s have cosplay sex” followed by “and the costume is school uniform”. Uh, okay? ( ・_・)a

Well, I do like it so it’s fine? Maybe?

I accidentally spoiled myself by seeing a stream playing the initial part of the game which shows Kakeru having full(-ish) memory of the previous routes. I still got a nice surprise by having the story start from continuation of Haruiro’s talk with Sophi. The jump attempting to quickly fixing the outcome of other routes was pretty fascinating as well.

I was a bit disorienting though and having fresh memory from playing Haruiro certainly helped. Playing the whole thing in one run is probably a better idea in the end. I guess it’s just a matter of the company surviving long enough to make a complete story or something.

Sora still being Sora, Haruka still being Haruka, overall the daily life scenes are pretty amusing as always.

And as expected, the first end roll isn’t the real end roll although the way they did the rollback surprised me a bit.

Afterwards though, it’s quite fascinating how they wrap things up, and how they’ve hinted things, including the reveal on 眷属化 and how Noa could use Kakeru’s power a bit and the obvious lack of Kakeru’s memory on having relationship in other branches.

I also like the part Noa realized Kakeru had an incest route as well, lol. I wonder how it goes on other routes though. They must’ve brought back the memory of the fight as well? I think? Probably need to read again to confirm.

On the possibility of additional Miyako route, as written by this guy, it’s pretty likely. I did check and confirm that only on Miyako route we’re thrown to main screen whereas the other routes we just jump back to specific part of the story.

It’s probably obvious by the end of Haruiro, MC being voiced is probably because the player is not him. We’re just monitoring him and rewind stuff for him. We sure have bad habit of peeking others’ sex life ( ゚◡゚)

If I don’t have so many backlogs, I will probably reread everything from Kokoiro again.

Lastly, here’s hoping for the almost impossible Suuko Ghost Rena route.

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