Weekly Finance vol. 23


Quite a few items were sold this week. With a rather big loss as well unfortunately at 40%. Oh well, better than nothing.

With this, I have less than 40 items remaining to be sold. The lowest since a while, I believe.

And I still have not decided on what else to sell yet.

Wasting money

Thanks to the YJA, I got some spares left for this month. Although considering it’s almost May anyway I’ll probably end up doing pre-orders next month if the budget permits.

With C98 out of window, I’m not sure how to budget April/May for the doujinshi. It’ll probably end up a bit more expensive than usual. And then of course there’s still pieces/Canary on May. And Maitetsu LR on July.

Oh and on Maitetsu LR, I’m skipping Tech Gian’s drama CDs. I’ll probably regret it? Maybe? But it’s Lose – they tend to re-release previous drama CDs somehow in one form or another. Not that I’m currently lacking in drama CDs anyway.

And then with Cabbit’s Kagitori delayed to June, my eroge purchases for April is now down to 9-yukiiro and Denshi otome. Shouldn’t be too bad.

Now I think about it, I can probably cancel my current Getchu order for that Kagitori and reorder it together with Onigyu anime for cheaper shipping.

There’s Melonbooks C98 (RIP) tapestries as well but I’ll probably skip them completely. Getting that Tomose Shunsaku tapestry or some other ones is rather tempting but I think I’ll pass. There isn’t really anything outstanding and with the book itself delayed it’ll be slightly more expensive getting the extra stuff.

And lastly, I almost completely forgot about it but I also need to slip in some budget for more dual ports 10GbE cards and new Ryzen setup for my server.

Hmm, looking again, this will be a bit difficult.

Stock market

Somehow the indexes went up these last two (work) days. It’ll probably go down again this week. I’m not holding my breath.

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