Weekly Finance vol. 21

Late because of various reasons =)


Sold two things at 20% loss. Not too bad but nothing exciting either. The total value is pretty low as well. But hey, extra income is always welcome.

I knew this is happening but the slow down sure kinda hurts.

As I’ve always mention, I will need to finish some more eroge before I can continue deciding what to keep.

Wasting money

Thankfully there isn’t much to waste money on. Although I just remembered I haven’t pre-ordered pieces/Canary at all. Whoops. And then the movie blu-rays. I still have enough budget for the blu-rays but at the current rate I need to wait until next month for eroges. It doesn’t help I’m buying quite a lot for next month releases. I hope I’ll still have enough…

Oh and there’s also Comiket coming.

Hmm, this is pretty bad.

Stock market


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