Weekly Finance vol. 20


Sold three items for 60% loss. Erm. At least the absolute number isn’t too bad.

I did put up some more stuff but there aren’t many left anyway. I probably should lower starting bid a bit sometime this month.

Wasting money

There’s not much this week. And I don’t think there will be much for the rest of this month either. I still need to place order for some anime blu-rays though.

So, overall, I’m doing kind of fine, I guess. Assuming nothing else suddenly comes up.

Stock market

And finally my funds are at loss. RIP two years worth of investments. It sure didn’t help I picked the worst time to start.

Looking back

I figured looking at previous month spending might be a good idea. I sometimes do it but I don’t usually write them here.

Anyway, last month started with tapestry from Ryohka and dakimakura by K-Ko from Yometan. Followed by Arthuria Racing tapestry. Afterwards I spent some more money on F/sn museum and related goods. Lastly, ACHGM spending ended with buying more eroge at the end of month. It’s not too bad.

Unfortunately though, on computer side, I bought 10GbE cards and related bits and pieces. In addition, I also got a new phone. Yay. It worked really well. Not for my finance though.

Overall, as I mentioned before I still managed to keep it above the minimum savings target.

Receiving about 40k through auction sure also helped.

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