Type-Moon Museum

I actually went to the event. I discovered page listing goods availability status a few days ago and the one thing I wanted is still in stock and so are the things a friend wanted so I figured might as well go there.

Even though it’s part long weekend, fortunately there aren’t many people when I arrived around 16:20. Went in right away, passed through shelves of original Type-Moon games and novels including Tsukihime. I probably should’ve paid more attention to that.

Anyway, bought the ticket, and went in.

First room has Saber 1:1 figure, and next room plays some sort of video containing a mix of FSN anime and game. Or something.

And then the main exhibition room, with sections like anime production, office map and commentaries, existing goods, and a small gallery showing Type-Moon main visuals. Including the big picture of Rin (as it’s her theme at the moment).

And then one long room showing the UBW route progression, followed by a projection room playing some sort of major events in the story complete with a very long diorama of the city. With lighting effects and stuff. That was interesting.

Afterwards, there’s room filled with figures, and then showing magazine covers and signed boards. And lastly the store showing the upcoming stuff and of course the goodies themselves.

There’s also Cafe. It was quite crowded but not full. I didn’t go in though as I ran out of money. And just not really interested in that.

Overall, it’s relatively interesting. There are some interesting memos inside and interviews and illustrations and stuff. I don’t think there’s anything particularly “must see” though.

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