Weekly Finance vol. 16

Early for once.


Sold quite a few items at 70%. That hurts. At least it covered my extra 10GbE cards purchases though.

I noticed I now have less than 50 items up. It sure can use more items. Maybe this week. Or next week. I don’t know.

Wasting money

I’m still not sure about Maitetsu pre-orders. Those look pretty dangerous. I still have 5 months to prepare but with Comiket incoming in two months, I don’t have that much leeway until then.

At least I don’t have anything else coming for this month. I think.

Oh right, there’s FSN 15th Museum but it shouldn’t cost too much.

There’s also that company which said to use DMM Soft Denchi (lol) but for some reason still hasn’t updated their official page. I think I should keep some budget aside for that but at the moment the chance they’ll drop the stupid DRM seems pretty low. Well, their loss ┐( ・_・)┌

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