Comic Market 97 Day 2

I slept late again previous night so I only woke up a bit before 10 which then promptly go to the station around 10:30 and arrived at 11:25.

Went to eefy booth first as they usually sold out pretty quickly but looking at the line, that just wasn’t really feasible so I went to Retro instead.

Arrived at Retro around 11:45 only to find out they’re sold out. Whoops. That wasn’t planned.

Then went to Mugendai and that was pretty easy. Then hit Kotatsu Room next, with pretty long but not too bad queue around 11:50 and was done at 12:05. Except I forgot to check my list and missed the two older books. Good job me.

Afterwards I went to upstairs halls for Takoyaki-batake and bought the new book. And as I mentioned in the post, unfortunately the other book I wanted to buy was sold out.

Around 12:25 I was back at Kotatsu Room queue and finished at 12:40. Not too bad overall though I noticed eefy was sold out 🙃

So in the end I missed eefy which I hope will sell the book at stores except they sometimes don’t. I hope they do this time as the new book seems pretty thick.

As for Retro, it’s already up in Melonbooks, so, yay.

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