Doujinshi – Mugendai C97

Mugendai no yume no ato no~

…wait, wrong mugendai. This one is sune’s Mugendai. A mostly FGO book. It’s FGO, it’s sune so the heroines are pretty… soft? Plump? Not sure how to say it but there’s specific characteristic in their drawings. The coloring is also pretty… soft? I probably should learn more words.

Overall pretty good though some of the heroines seem a bit… wide? Or short? Not sure if it’s just me.

Other than the book itself, there’s that omake thing on the left which is just a page of paper, printed double-sided. The illustration itself is fine.

And lastly the ever-annoying clear file bag. It’s pretty difficult to be carried around safely during the event unless there’s paper bag to put it in as my storage only covers size up to A4.

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