Doujinshi – Kotatsu Room C97

And here’s something new for a change. I’ve been following their yuri manga series on twitter/pixiv and found their sukumizu series is pretty enticing as well so here I go.

Bought the set for that additional lewd version of the main book (nipples etc) which is annoying but I guess it’s just the usual selling tactic. Pretty good overall, especially good the Senpai x Kouhai book which is the main reason I bought it. Only minor lewd but it’s FGO! It’s yuri! It’s Mash x Master! Yay.

And lastly two older books which they sell for slightly cheaper than usual. Those are pretty nice as well. Lots of yuri illustrations as well.

Oh and the included paper bag was given away to someone else who probably has more use for it than me as I’ll just have it collect dust until I get annoyed enough and dump them in the end just like every other paper bags.

The acrylic stand is small fun and the paper box should be useful for organizing stuff.

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