Weekly Finance Vol. 5


Sold two items. At loss of only 40% it’s not too bad. The absolute number is pretty low though so it’s kind of sad.

I thought this month is over but next auction end time is still this month so I figured I should try one last push. One last push I did and I think I put up all of the tapestries I could put up, leaving with me with a bit over 270 tapestries…

Still a bit too many but cutting down this more will take quite a bit more scrutiny and eroge plays.

On the bright side people have been bidding on some of those stuff.

After this though, there’s really not many more stuff I can put up anymore. It’ll even be rather questionable for me continuing Yahoo! Premium next year. Also, RIP extra income 😔


Nothing. Maybe soon? Depends on the announcement coming in Friday.


Should be pretty good? Though I don’t think I’ll buy that pillow cover I mentioned last week. Or will I?

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