Digest Vol. 227: Stuff for once

Barely any news, some new stuff, barely any eroge progress, relatively peaceful finance.


Non-news links

New stuff

More Cafe Stella character song. I think I should rip this one as well. Maybe this weekend.

Correct version of Fruits Basket OP/ED single. Yay…

Bought for cheap from Suruga-Ya.

Yosuga no sora OP/ED single. This one is annoyingly still pretty expensive. It doesn’t seem to be included in any of Cuffs albums which made it doubly annoying.

Bought off Suruga-Ya.

Another Suruga-Ya purchase. This is the one that started the purchase. Pretty big and relatively cheap. Washed right away because who knows what it’s been used for. Expanded photo.

The size ended up barely enough as main blanket. I think. Still need to actually try it. The material feels more like bath towel than blanket though…

Update: I forgot to mention it but tracking down source of this was pretty annoying. Thankfully I found this image from an auction. The original price was 10k which is pretty expensive. I got it for 3k, so, yay.

There’s also Haruka na sora CD dupe which I mentioned last week.

Eroge playthrough

I think I’m at first quarter of Tamane route. Yeah, still slow progress despite long weekend.

Nothing much exciting so far but then again it’s expected.

I’ll try finishing it this weekend

Non-eroge stuff


Oniland thingy has started. Farming ahoy.

Nothing interesting so far. The shop is equally boring. At least it’s relatively easy.


Shimousa has started but I haven’t even finished Babylonia. Slowly grinding through it. I passed first half but the difficult part has only started…

I think somewhere along the way there’s one quest which drops 4* all-class exp cards. I can surely use them for leveling up Mash.


Watched second FGO Babylonia episode! Yay. Now if only I have enough motivation to finish other series…

Haven’t watched Soraao yet. Maybe next Monday for cheap ticket.

Daily life

Sold three things for 15% loss. Well, at least it’s something.

I put up one new thing! Yay. Well.

I have Suruga-Ya empty box in my main room now. I’ll be forced to get around it sooner or later. Looking at the main doujinshi stack kind of drives motivation though (as usual).

And then on spending, it’s still a relatively quiet month overall with no major purchases or anything. Yet. Worst case scenario should still be enough for my monthly savings target.

Closing words

A bit late but at least I’ve done chores and stuff this time around. Things sure are a bit slow lately.

Update 2019-10-16 02:26 +0900: forgot a bit more details on Melonbooks blanket.

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