Digest Vol. 228: Changing things?

A bunch of new goods for pre-order and some other news, some new stuff, still slow eroge progress, keeping up with anime, and almost fine finance.


Non-news links

New stuff

Extra from Soraao. I think I like Jun most. Looking at the photo again, I noticed I haven’t checked the included web radio link.

Completing the set from last week’s Haruka na sora. Bought for not so cheap from YJA.

As I’m back to using iPhone SE full time again, a new case sure is in order. The previous one was in terrible condition so it’s just about right. Public-usable good, high resolution Ikegami Akane illustration is kind of rare.

The print is pretty good though I think the color is a bit off probably thanks to RGB to CMYK conversion.

This should last me until the phone dies.

Unrelated, but the other Ikegami Akane phone cover I had ended up feeling rather nasty because of the rubby coating. The color has faded up pretty badly as well.

Denkigai 2019 Summer tapestry. This one is from Nekonin. Off season as usual.

I’m still not sure if I want to keep this one. Maybe I won’t? But Takano Yuki art sure is nice.

Triple suede – very thick – material as usual. The print quality is pretty good as well though I still prefer the less reflective double suede.

Another one from Denkigai, this one from Onigyu. That swimsuit is the same one used by Sora from summer last year.

Simple and kinda nice but the same as above, I’m not sure if I’ll keep this one either.

Eroge playthrough

About the last third now? There’s even fewer things happening this time it seems? Oh well. I’ll see if I can finish it tonight or tomorrow.

Sure is very slow.

Non-eroge stuff


I cleared out Oniland store. I didn’t have any bonus CE but I guess the raid helped.

Nothing about the next event yet. It’ll be probably announced during Machi asobi which is happening this weekend?


Mech Eli Halloween has started. Starting slow as usual…


Still keeping up with FGO anime. Psycho-Pass is happening soon I believe.

As implied last week, I watched Soraao. It’s quite good. Some explanations are missing but overall it’s pretty good.

Daily life

Sold three things for 20% loss. That’s kind of worse than last week but the raw number is a bit more than last week so yay.

I put up some more stuff… maybe?

I still haven’t done Suruga-Ya stuff.

On spending, Cuffs goods will cost me about 18k. After that there should be stuff by Ikegami Akane which I think will cost at least 15k.

I don’t think there will be any other big goods pre-order incoming. I’ll probably skip Sumi pillow cover as well as I’m trimming down my collection thanks to the lack of space and practicality problem.

As for eroges, there’s no plan change for up to December. Cafe Stella will be about 40k and Torikago will be about 32k.

Thus so far, the total is about 105k.

Then comes January, there’s potentially Prekano’s Oni-ama for about 4k and Cabbage soft’s Amairo Chocolata for about maybe 30k? Actually now looking again, I’ll probably skip either.

That didn’t change the total and interestingly if I do pre-order everything this month I’ll have just about enough for my usual savings target. So in conclusion, I’ll wait a bit more before I start pre-ordering eroge.

Upcoming change

I haven’t finalized it yet but I’m considering doing individual posts for stuff just like before I started doing this digest thingy but will still keep making digest just for the summary.

Tracking down stuff is a bit difficult when they’re hidden behind a read more link and there’s not much visibility of what the content is.

Closing words

Sleep time…

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