Digest Vol. 226: Barely anything

There’s barely anything this past week. Oh well.


Non-news links

New stuff

Haruka na sora preorder bonus CD. Got when buying the game below. Nice but I made mistake buying the CD separately few days earlier at Suruga-Ya. Wasn’t the smartest purchase I did. Probably should open it sometime later…

That reminded me I have some CDs I probably should sell.

And lastly the game itself. Limited edition but missing the doll(?). Not that I care much about it, so. Thankfully for cheap-ish at less than 3k.

Now I just need to grab the main game… And actually play it…

Eroge playthrough

As planned, finished Yakumo route last weekend. Followed by going to Tamane route which I’ve still not entered yet. One or two more common route’s H-scene, I think?

Yakumo route was okay. There wasn’t much progress, just confirming each other in the end.

Non-eroge stuff


Nothing! Clearing random quests and not even going to story.


Didn’t get the last event CE which is annoying as it’s the rerun which means I won’t be able to limit break it. Oh well.

Otherwise, nothing much here either apart of clearing up interludes because of half AP event.

And maybe progress a bit more on main story. I kind of need to finish it before December as there will be event which requires finishing Babylonia.

No Event

Skipped Comic1 (and thus character1 street).


So I watched FGO Babylonia. That was something.

I also watched Hello World. And that was a mindfuck.

There will be new movie this Friday. The one made by the people who previously created Anohana and Kokosake. Possibly interesting.

Daily life

Sold ten things for 30% loss. Not too bad. Most of them went fine except one which the store which I used to send the thing made mistake. I’ve dealt with it and it should be fine but that took good chunk of my time tonight.

Otherwise I haven’t put up anything new for auction. Nor Suruga-Ya either of course. Probably this or next weekend.

Suruga-Ya order still hasn’t arrived as expected. Probably this weekend.

As for spending, thanks to Cabbit’s delay, I can delay spending money for preorders for that until next month. Or not, depending on how auction goes this month. And maybe if I ever get around sending Suruga-Ya stuff.

Closing words

Three o’clock. Yay. I should sleep as soon as I’m done with chores.

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