Digest Vol. 225: Untitled

Some announcements for eroge and not-eroge, some new stuff (mainly from eroge release week), still barely any progress for Mamiya, some FGO grinding, and back to quiet auctions and stuff.


Non-news links

  • Diveeeeee. From Ore yome event last weekend, I believe. Just need to ignore the fact that other people did the same. I didn’t go as there’s nothing (else) interesting.
  • Naked penguin jacket. Is that even a thing.
  • Gacha is a lie. The thing you do when spending lots of money at proper Toypla stores.

New stuff

Music CDs! On the left is Yuzusoft usual character song, its first volume (with voice drama track) and on the right is Senmomo maxi single CD which is released together with the game itself.

Haven’t checked either but at least ripped them already.

And then the Senmomo FD game itself. With preorder bonus shikishi. Bought from Amazon because I didn’t find any of the store bonuses insteresting.

And lastly a subtly lewd tapestry of Hibiki from Maitetsu. Sold ahead at Comiket but as the price etc is the same between store and event, getting from store ends up a bit cheaper with all the cashbacks.

Barely visible nipple and panties. Kinda nice, I guess?

Double suede material so it’s quite nice. The detail is just okay though. Not too bad but nothing exceptional.

Eroge playthrough

I think I’m almost at the end of Yakumo route. Should be able to finish it this week.

Non-eroge stuff


Gil fest is ending soon and I gathered around 120 boxes. Also managed to clear all the challenge quests with 3* except for friends. And maybe occasional Merlin. Good thing I pulled him, I guess.

Halloween coming soon after one week break. As I’ve done the event before, this one shouldn’t need too much effort. Also it was relatively easy from what I can remember.

No free SR servant in sight.


Halloween is ending soon. I somehow managed to clear most of the stores with minimum amount of apples. I still haven’t gotten the final event CE thanks to me farming on wrong node whoops.

Up next is mecha Eli Halloween and then mini box gacha Jailter. Both give out pretty useful free servants and shouldn’t be too annoying/difficult from what can remember.

There’s Shimosa as well but I haven’t even finished main story yet so that will be my next goal after the event.


There’s Comic1 and mini character1 next weekend but neither seem interesting so I’ll probably skip them.

Daily life

Sold two things for about 50% loss, I think. Oh well.

Not much else apart of I found a large blanket for cheap-ish at Suruga-Ya. And then followed by buying random CDs. Should arrive next week.

Consumption tax is finally increased to 10%. It’s a bit annoying but I guess I’ll get used to it eventually.

Otherwise, there are a few preorders I still need to do. Now I look at it again, thanks to pillow cover by Ikegami Akane, I probably can’t preorder Cafe Stella just yet this month unless I got some additional funds from Suruga-Ya or auction.

Closing words

Hmm this is a weird time to finish this post. I guess I can read Mamiya for 20 minutes before hitting bed. My sleep schedule is still a bit mess.

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