Digest Vol. 224: Um

Early for once.

Still barely any news, though there’s one very exciting news (to me). No new stuff, almost no eroge progress, lots of FGO box farming, and a bit more auction goodness. Yet another slow week.


Non-news links

  • Diveeeeee. From Ore yome event last weekend, I believe. Just need to ignore the fact that other people did the same. I didn’t go as there’s nothing (else) interesting.

New stuff

Nothing! As I buy fewer stuff, this section sure is getting pretty dry recently.

Eroge playthrough

There was another long weekend. And then I barely progressed Mamiya-kun.

This is progressing dangerously slow. It’s not it’s difficult to read or exceptionally boring. It’s just I did so many other random stuff I barely have time for eroge recently.

Non-eroge stuff

I thought Gil Fest Challenge Quests will be easier this time. But it wasn’t. Not sure what I did wrong. I spent too much time for some quests as well. I’m not sure about the rest of quests either. The boxes are going pretty well though and I have cleared most of the store items.

As for NA, still slowly progressing through the Halloween nodes. I’m not sure if I need to do some focused farming. Maybe next weekend if I’m still far off from clearing the stores and stuff.

Daily life

Sold two things for profit! Yay. The stuff mid-week last week also went well.

There are still a bit more stuff I need to put up. Maybe sometime this week. I haven’t started on doujinshi pile. Maybe this weekend.

Overall my finance seems to be doing well. Well, there will be some big spending next month so I hope this can provide enough buffer.

Oh, and I ended up not buying that Tsumugi pillow cover. May or may not buy it during the event. And probably not getting Kohaku either. My collection is slowly shrinking with mostly the ones by Ikegami Akane remain.

Random photo

Here’s a random photo of my room. I haven’t taken much photo recently because I don’t really want to take photo with Atropos goods in it (which I’ve been hanging quite a lot).

Also the photo was taken using iPhone SE and it sure is way better than the photo from my current main phone. Way less blurrier. I’ll probably use this phone for taking photo of stuff again.

Closing words

Nothing much for this week. Comic1 doesn’t seem interesting either so the next big event will probably be Cuffs autumn if that’s a thing and then winter Comiket and Denkigai.

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