Digest Vol. 223: Quiet

Whee Friday.

Barely any news, some new doujinshi, slow eroge progress, some FGO as usual. Thankfully doing pretty good on finance.


Non-news links

On vacation.

New stuff

Random doujinshi from C96. First time buying something from Chiri. Rightmost is Melonbooks bonus for buying three C96 books.

This month’s postcard shikishi from Lose. I don’t think I have this one already.

Eroge playthrough

Slower than I hoped thanks to various distractions. Way more than I thought.

Oh well, at least there’s another long weekend.

Non-eroge stuff

Gil Fest has started in FGO JP. It’s grind time. I’m at my 8th box. As for challenge quest, only did one so far. Considering I cleared them all last year, it should be easier this time at least for the reruns. No idea about the new ones.

It’s Halloween time in FGO NA already. Will be slowly progressing through it as I barely have any apples remaining.

Daily life

Sold one thing on YJA last week. And then I finally put up a lot of stuff with end date of 18th. Then sold about 19 things. There are some high profit items but thanks to the rest of items, it ended up only almost close to the original purchase prices (over 90%).

I’ve put up all the tapestries I originally planned to sell. There are some others but they’re still on the unplayed pile so I’m not quite sure yet.

As for pillow covers, I’m still contemplating on whether or not to sell certain pillow covers.

And lastly I still need to clean up my doujinshi pile.

Thanks to the auction this week, my saving for this month jumped quite a lot. That said, I may end up spending quite a lot of money next month for something unrelated.

Closing words

Writing this sure took a while. I’m going to sleep now(-ish).

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