Digest Vol. 222: Nice

Oh no it’s Thursday already.

Preordersssss. Also one new tapestry, slow eroge progress, some FGO, and questionable finance. Business as usual.


Non-news links

New stuff

Yet another tapestry of Kantoku’s latest mid-schooler yuricest couple. Mmmm delicious. Too bad not kneesocks.

Thin material with okay print. More or less as usual from Jiku-Chu. Sure wish they stop using that stupid pipe with cap thingy though. And double suede.

Eroge playthrough

Slow as usual. Had some distractions these last few days. On the bright side there shouldn’t be much distraction next few weeks. And even better, it’s long weekend this and next week.

I think I’m about halfway of Yakumo route. Not sure where it’s heading though.

Non-eroge stuff

FGO JP, nothing much at the moment. There’s only pre-event double exp and some login bonuses.

As for FGO NA, grind time is (almost) over. I ran out of gold and silver apples. I do have some bronze apples but I shouldn’t clean them up as I don’t know how far I can go with next few events without much apples. Though if previous events are any indication, it should be fine with no extra apples as long I do it efficiently.

Currently at 59th box. Maybe I should farm another one for nice 60…?

On challenge quests though, I only managed to finish a few of them. Still a bit annoyed I could only finish one of two quests which give out crystallized lore. Those are more useful than tickets.

Oh yeah on tickets, I spent 22 rolls on JP to get Colombus. Only NP2 though. I also got one Red Hare. With this, the only low rarity servant I’m missing is caster Gilles de Rais which is rather useless.

Daily life

Sold nothing on YJA last week :D

Lowered starting bid of some items and added some new stuff… not. Still too lazy to put up more stuff even though I really should.

I’ve been thinking a bit more on pillow covers recently as well. I’ve hesitated to open Ema’s latest cover last weekend and ended up with Atropos’ Ruri instead. It’s probably some kind of hint for which covers to sell.

I also still need to sell some stuff to Suruga-Ya. My stack of doujinshi is getting worse.

On preorders, I preordered Senmomo FD from Amazon, including the related singles. Also Cafe Stella character songs. It wasn’t much but I spent quite a lot on resupplying daily stuff this month so there isn’t much left now. It should still be enough to survive this month.

Thankfully stock market is doing kind of nice last few days and brought me back up to net profit. My Topix index is still in negative though.

Closing words

It ended up quite a bit later than I hoped. I didn’t have enough sleep these last few days either so I guess no Mamiya tonight.

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