Digest Vol. 221: New stuff

Hey it’s still Tuesday.

New titles, new tapestries, new arrivals, barely any eroge progress, new and not so new FGO events, new budget month, and a lot of preorders.


Non-news links

New stuff

Cuffs summer goods have arrived. Starting off with pillow cover of Ema from Kurafuta. Yay more Ema. Seems a bit better than previous one.

Another Cuffs stuff. Tapestry by Hontani Kanae. I’m still not sure about this one mainly because of that syringe. Not that I have phobia or anything but it’s just not really pleasant. Or maybe it’ll be fine? I guess I’ll just hang and see. That and devil wings/tail and a rather large boobs. It’s otherwise fine with good amount of liquid and nice thighhighs.

Print quality is pretty good as usual. Of course double suede.

And last one from Cuffs store, tapestry by Toranosuke. The order this time looks more like Sagaplanets.

Nicely sized boobs, string panties, and provocative pose. Really nice overall.

Same good print quality.

Eroge playthrough

Still barely progressing through Mamiya. I have passed about three (non-penetrative) h-scenes though. If it’s anything like Kurafuta, it’ll be another two h-scenes before entering heroine route.

I sure need to read faster and be distracted less (as usual).

Non-eroge stuff

FGO JP, cleared challenge quest again with Merlin and Caster Shuten Douji. That one went a lot better with no casualties. And that’s probably it for my summer event.

On FGO NA, it’s grinding time at Nero Fest. Currently at 24th box. Leveled up Kiyohime to 90 as it’s the easiest way to farm. Still need a lot of exp cards and skill stones and mats though.

Daily life

Sold like two item off YJA. In the end it’s not enough to reach my target savings. It’s the worst performing month this year, in fact.

I’m still feeling lazy :D

I ended up not getting pillow cover of Akane. Not sure about Pieces but it’s probably still a go. The preorder for that one isn’t up yet though.

Apart of that (13k), upcoming preorders for this month include Senmomo FD (7k) and its theme songs single (2k). And that’s probably it? There’s Cabbit title (4x8k) for next month but I’ll probably do it sometime next month. There’s also that Takano Yuki B1 tapestry (9k) which may or may not happen. Currently leaning towards no though considering the price and the quality of their recent tapestries.

And then of course there’s Cafe Stella preorders. Sofmap tapestry seems to be only for limited edition (14k). And then Trader (10k) for that seemingly nice double suede(!) A1 tapestry. Amiami (10k) for another Natsume tapestry. And lastly official store (9k) for the bonus voice drama CD. Oh and lastly throw in the character songs (6k) for good measure.

All those above totaled at about 112k. That’s quite a lot. At least there doesn’t seem to be anything else until December? Averaged across four months, it’s about 30k per month which should be fine. Even better if I skip that B1 tapestry.

Right after I wrote that, I remembered about Onigyu H pillow cover of Kohaku and Sumi. As I’m continuing my effort to not buy too many pillow covers, I’ll probably skip them unless they’re really good.

Closing words

It’s still early. I hope I can make good progress at Mamiya.

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