Digest Vol. 220: Soon?

So last night I slept early hoping I can wake up early and write this post before going to work. Well, I did sleep and wake up early except I slept again for another 4 hours bringing total sleep time last night to 12 hours. Whoops.

Some new stuff up for preorder, some new titles to be announced soon, and some new stuff should be coming soon as well. One new tapestry, barely any eroge progress thanks to FGO and dealing with slow internet. Pretty bad finance for this month with auction not really helping.


Non-news links

New stuff

Tapestry of Chiwa from Sakura, moyu released by Megastore. That’s a rather interesting pose and attire…

Can definitely use some ironing. Double suede material, thankfully no problem with print this time around.

Not sure when I’ll get around actually playing the game.

Eroge playthrough

Barely progressed through Mamiya. I haven’t even played at all these last few days thanks to FGO and other things.

Non-eroge stuff

FGO JP, I managed to get 5 copies of Okita summer. With side bonus of NP6 Bunnytoria. That all with just 297 pulls.

With lots of spare gems and tickets, I tried pulling Merlin as well and that costed me 308 pulls.

Still quite a lot of pulls remaining, I tried getting NP5 Osakabehime summer as well but only got NP4 of her, and as I underestimated 0.3% difference, I didn’t pull on her solo rate up day and end up with one Carmilla summer as well. And one Musashi berserker. At least I did get Valkyrie which is nice as it means I don’t need to ponder whether getting them or Salter on next free SR event (if still happening).

That last one costed me 485 pulls with additional 10 pulls at wrong banner by mistake. Yay go me.

I just checked the total number and I just noticed I did exactly 1100 pulls total in this summer event. Whee.

At only 10 gems remaining and 0 tickets, I’ll be in saving mode again until something hit my fancy. Okita alter summer, maybe? Or Valkyrie summer? I don’t know yet. I got my Okita and that’s all I mainly care \o/

Cleared challenge quest with Sanzo and Merlin and command spell as I didn’t want to think much. I’ll be going back to it and hopefully eventually do it with low rarity servants…? There are still few more days remaining.

Meanwhile FGO NA, Nero Fest is coming soon and I only have a bit over 20 golden apples. This will totally end well.

As side note, I somehow pulled Nitocris on both of my accounts this week. She’s supposedly good for farming so while I’m not going to use her in JP, farming assassin (and maybe other) nodes should be relatively easy once I max her.

Daily life

Sold some more stuff off YJA for yet another loss of almost 50%. Still not enough to balance out this month.

I did put up some pillow covers for auction tonight though I doubt those will be bid anytime soon. I still need to put up tapestries which I haven’t done for quite a while even though I have kind of decided the ones to be auctioned.

As for preorders, I’m not quite sure about Onigyu H’s Akane yet. Pieces’ Tsumugi is still probably a go. Maybe.

I mentioned I won’t be preordering Senmomo FD but I got the release date wrong. I thought it’s for this month but it’s actually next month. I guess I’ll preorder it sometime next month.

Closing words

As usual, it’s getting a bit late for me to sleep. RIP eroge progress.

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