Digest Vol. 219: Rather quiet

Barely anything this week. Including monetary.


Non-news links

New stuff

Comiket books from Melonbooks. Usual stuff.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Atropos.

Started Mamiya yesterday. Seems pretty interesting so far though the standing sprites seems a bit off.

Non-eroge stuff

FGO JP, Okita summer finally released. SR assassin area NP. I haven’t pulled yet waiting for her solo pickup on Saturday.

As for FGO NA, didn’t get the last CE for either events. Oh well. No event for a while so switching to exp card farming as I’ve got loads of servants to be leveled up now.

Daily life

Sold some stuff off YJA for a loss of almost 50%. Nice but not remotely enough. I pulled out some pillow covers to be sold but haven’t gotten around actually doing it.

As for budget, I’m dangerously close to using up all the extra savings I saved up this year. And I still have two three pillow covers upcoming which will cause further damage.

It doesn’t help stock market is doing poorly as well recently.

And it looks like I won’t be preordering August Senmomo FD either.

Closing words

Unstable internet recently. Also need to sleep now.

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