Digest Vol. 208: Pillow covers everywhere

Quite a lot of pre-orders for new stuff. One new tapestry arrived, one game finished, lots of money lost. I hope it’ll get better once I return.


Non-news links

New stuff

Tapestry from Dengeki Moeoh, illustrated by Muririn. Crappy photo but the color is actually fine.

The print is fine this time around I guess? Or maybe my standard has just been lowered after a while. Still pretty expensive for the quality though.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Souka’s route. They did something with the power in the end though it’s even more mysterious? Feels like there should be different series actually talking about the power.

The jokes are great but the actual story is rather thin in the end. Kei’s route is actually half Ruru even.

With that, Relay broadcast finished after much effort. Took about 46 days total including several long weekends.

Up next is Natsu no Ame. I need more pillow covers at the moment so it’s back to playing through titles which pillow covers I have. Still going with oldest first so it’s the one that matches. It was released 10 years ago, lol. The main problem would be it’s 800×600.

Non-eroge stuff

Still nothing much on FGO apart of usual grinds.

I watched Doctor Strange and that was interesting. Looking forward to more of it.

Daily life

As mentioned last week, barely passed May in black.

This month is pretty bad already with pillow covers from Ikegami Akane and upcoming Onigyu H. It’s already exceeded my base budget, even. I haven’t bought DAL 3 BDs either.

I can only hope I can sell stuff well once I return home.

Additionally, stocks are looking rather crap at the moment as well. It recovered a bit yesterday but still quite a lot lower that it’s currently all negative for me. I’m looking at -45k at the moment ;_;

Closing words

More dying than usual. And I’m still 8 days away from going back home…

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