Digest Vol. 207: Oh no

Some new and not so new pillow covers announcements/pre-orders, a bit of new stuff, barely progressing eroge, and almost dead budget.


Non-news links

New stuff

Some doujinshi from different events. konomi’s Reitaisai Sakuya doujinshi (continuing the one from years ago), Shimanto Shisakugata apparently first original doujinshi form Comic1-15 which I completely forgot aboug, and lastly yet anoter Ichihaya’s original doujinshi which ended up rather weird (as usual?), from Comitia 128.

And lastly yet another Kurafuta tapestry from Golden Week 2019 goods. Mikoto’s turn this time around. Unfortunately got some stray ink printed so it’s been sent for replacement.

Double suede material with pretty okay print. Well, apart of the aforementioned stray ink.

Pretty amazing how long this series has been going.

Usual attire with spats and fluffy wallet. And lots of semen.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Souka’s route… not! Dunn dunn. Got a bit harder to read. I think I’m at about 30%? Or 50%. Should be able to finish it this week. Had some distractions these last few days.

Non-eroge stuff

Nothing much of FGO apart of me starting NA (again, 3rd time?) as I got a new phone.

I… don’t remember much else.

Daily life

Spent event more money for other stuff. My savings for this month is barely in black.

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a new android phone. And finally decided to get one.

It’s Asus ZenFone Max M2. Not exactly high end or anything. It’s more at around low-end even. The screen isn’t 1080p but I think it’s fine. I’ve been using 640p for years anyway. Other problems I found so far are it’s just huge, has notch, and missing NFC. None are deal breaker. Well, except NFC maybe but I’ve lived for months without it so I suppose it’s mostly fine. Oh, and I discovered it’s almost half the price in home country. Could’ve even gotten Max Pro M2 instead which has NFC.

Otherwise, the battery life is pretty good. I played (on and off) FGO on it for 6 hours and ended up with 27% left. There isn’t much problem with FGO itself either. Compared to iPhone SE, load time is a few seconds slower and there are some slowdowns in things like NP (total damage still visible), Order Change, and sub-member appearance. A bit annoying but not deal breaker like Umidigi One Pro and Nexus 5 which are way too slow.

I still need to get a decently sized memory card but not really urgent or anything. Not sure about getting cover as it’s relatively cheap for a phone.

With all that, I need to be careful next month. I have two big spending on my list. I really need to finish selling all the irrelevant tapestries and pillow covers.

Closing words

Barely Wednesday. Back to Relay broadcast a bit and then sleep as I’ve been a bit sleep deprived.

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