Digest Vol. 206: More quiet week

Barely any news. Some OST, Melonbooks C96 goodies, one pillow cover. No new stuff unless I count a new Lego set. Somehow not too slow eroge progress. And RIP wallet thanks to hard drives.


Non-news links

New stuff

No usual goodies this week so there’s my new car instead. Pretty fun build and looks quite cool. Some interesting tricks as well.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Kei route! A bit slower than Nanagi at 8 days but still pretty good for me! No big surprise but the last scene was quite moving. As I mentioned last week, it’s more like Kei and Ruru route (except without possibly delicious 3P with Kei and Ruru). Oh well.

And finally the last one. There wasn’t much Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint. Also the protagonist’s ability was very barely used in other routes.

Non-eroge stuff

Finished FGO event. No grinding. So I’m back to grinding green cubes with occasional Shimosa. Apparently some of the characters there will be involved again in next Lostbelt.

Nothing much otherwise. Built that Lego car above, cleaned other Lego pieces which somehow got dirty and took a long time because it’s got hundreds of 1×1 flat pieces, also cleaned up some keyboards.

Daily life

As I mentioned/predicted last week, sold nothing on auction last weekend. As that was the last one for this month, it means I’ll get no more extra income this month.

Which is pretty bad as I needed to buy some new drives for my file server. Four 6TB drives. I got the cheapest (read: Seagate) one but they’re still expensive anyway at almost 50k total.

Even then, migrating the data will take quite a long time. So the plan is I create a fake 10 devices raidz2 pool, copy the data, and then slowly rebuild the redundancies and turn it into proper 10 devices pool. The first phase, copying the data, is currently estimated at 5 days.

Thanks to that, I blew my savings for this month. Yay. It’s the lowest since last November (thanks, new apartment).

On the bright side, it should motivate me enough to put up more stuff for sale next month.

Closing words

Not even Wednesday. Back to Relay broadcast, I guess.

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