Digest Vol. 196: Almost cancelled

What a terrible day. More on this below.

Eroge, anime, light novel, DRM, tapestries, and various other news this week. Some new stuff has arrived as well. Annoyingly barely any progress on eroge. At least finance is still doing okay.


Non-news links

New stuff

Finally arrived extra store bonus from February releases but not with its own set of trouble (see below).

Starting off with Yumeiro voice drama download codes. Haven’t fully listened yet but it sounded quite lewd from few parts I checked around.

Pillow cover! From Ikegami Akane! Yet another mascot of her, the little sister of Apollo, Marble.

Weirdly has the largest boobs. Oh well, I’ll find out if I want to keep it or not.

On slightly related note, apparently they’re taken from candies. Thanks, random Ikegami Akane fan!

Differently questionable, pillow cover of Minato from Otome Domain.


Wasn’t sure if I actually wanted this then, still not sure now. Maybe a week? I don’t know yet.

And lastly one of two additional tapestry from Kinkoi GT.

Double suede which pretty good print. Usual Trader (double suede) stuff, I guess.

Eroge playthrough

Halfway Marine route! Spent dealing with annoyances this last few days. I sure hope I can read stuff in peace this weekend.

Non-eroge stuff

Watched Psycho-Pass SS3. It was pretty simple and nice overall. Can use a bit more shiny gadgetry though. And as hinted from previous one, the entire thing looks like a prelude to S3.

Daily life

Sold nothing last weekend. That was new. Also one transaction fell through. That wasn’t new. The bidder was new though which probably explains. A bit annoying but that’s it.

While at it, investment is currently on a roller coaster, thankfully on the plus side at the moment. I’m still working my way burying the crap that is Japanese indexes. Partially my mistake of buying too much of them.

Otherwise nothing much else. The new motherboard and the accompanying components (see below) hurted a bit but should be compensated by selling unused components.

Parasol is most likely down. Probably together with their previous titles (undecided).

9-haruiro will hurt a bit because I’m buying direct from stores (again, as I don’t learn). Now I write it I should put it on budget.

And then really nothing else on eroge. Maybe Yuzusoft? And that World Actor (with all store bonuses)?

Oh and I finished (kind of) figuring out which tapestries I’ll get rid of. Quite a lot this time at over 50! And surprisingly I already put up some of them. Over 50 sounds a lot but there are still 150 on main bucket and 179+ on unplayed bucket for a total of over 300. It’ll be fun.

Did similar thing for pillow covers and chosen 9 unfortunate covers to be sold. Currently there are 39 items on my main bucket with 22 of them illustrated by Ikegami Akane. Lol. That reminded me I haven’t written 2018 goods stats yet.

Oh and there are 44 items on my unplayed bucket…


Yuzu-soft VFB ebooks

As mentioned above, Amazon isn’t selling them so I need to check somewhere else.

Fanza, the first on list, is the only one I can break its DRM in its web reader quality. Unfortunately I vaguely remember it’s not the highest quality they have, and even if it is, compared to other sites they have the smallest file size which means it’ll be lower quality anyway.

As for Melonbooks I found a tool to do memory capture of it but the output will be in uncompressed format which is rather annoying. And more annoying is they don’t list file size so it’s unclear whether it’s better than Fanza or not.

I have no clue about the rest

Tora no Ana’s viewer runs on browser which means I might be able to break it. Or maybe not if it’s scrambled just like Fanza except I don’t have descrambler for this one. Also they don’t list the file size.

Then there’s DiGiket which they say 140MB (for Senren Banka) which is larger than Fanza. On PC it uses CypherGuard.

And then there’s Getchu which isn’t even clear what kind of software needed to view it. The size is slightly larger but it isn’t even clear what kind of protection involved.

As for Gyutto, well, apparently same deal.

Lastly same deal for DLsite.

Apparently someone managed to decrypt them somehow but understandably not sharing the procedures/tools. Though they said they don’t do web-based ebooks which funnily I did several times for Fanza and probably the only one I could break.

Oh well, at least there’s Fanza if I really want them.

DRM sure is doing good job protecting me from buying stuff 👍

Kinkoi GT Auction Stuff

It started off with the seller saying their bike broke so everything was delayed. Waited over a week with no news so I asked them and they said they missed my orders. Great start there.

They did send the stuff right away though. Except one wrong tapestry was included so I asked them after confirming it’s wrong and they told me to send back the wrong one and they’ll send the correct one.

That I did but yesterday they told me they sent the wrong one back to me because it’s opened (after several back and forth messages). And they didn’t include the correct one either. Then they demanded me to pay for the wrong one because I opened it. Not only that, they also demanded pay for the shipping fees, both ways.

Yeah, that’s not going to fly. I offered some compromises and they insisted on their initial demand. At worst I’ll just pay them this time because it’s more like a principle matter, not monetary. It’s still bad monetarily but at less than 10k overall it’s not worth fussing too much on it.

Very reasonable people. I guess I won’t be relying on them anymore after the last one this month. Unfortunate as I’ve been dealing with them for four years. RIP the seller.

More PC

This one is short. Two years ago I bought Ryzen system. It only runs Windows 10. Or Windows Server 2008/2012/2016. I find all of them terrible in different ways.

So I tried using it for server. Then it crashed. A lot. Time passed, I tried again and it initially seemed to work on a small test. Bought a large case, set it up, and turned out it still occasionally crashes.

Yeah, no. I ended up getting an ATX server board, an HBA, and a bunch of other things so I can use the case I recently bought. This will be a fun 10 drives NAS.

Hopefully the motherboard comes in working condition.

I’ll need to sell the excess PCs and components. At least those Ryzen and accompanying components (including two 16GB ECC DDR4 RAM sticks) should still sell for good amount. Especially the RAM sticks.

Family problem

Well, I can’t write what exactly this one is but this has been coming and looks like it’s reaching critical point soon. I’ll probably regret this one but the choices are either “terrible 1” or “terrible 2”. Such is life.

Closing words

So I almost cancelled writing post for this week due to annoyances above. And then I ended up writing this long tl;dr.

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