Digest Vol. 195: Quiet week…?

Nothing much this week. There’s barely any news, one new book, barely eroge progress, one new case, and currently fine finance (heh).


Non-news links

New stuff

The only thing I got this week. There’s supposed to be some tapestries and other stuff from last month’s eroge release but the seller had some problem so it’s delayed.

Poster girl artbooks by Moeoh. A bunch of Pan and some others, and then just two pages per artist 😐

Questionable value and I don’t think there are many new illustrations at all.

Eroge playthrough

I think I’m at about 10% of Marine route at the moment. There will be some more distractions this week but we’ll see if I can make any good progress.

Non-eroge stuff

Finished FGO event including the challenge quests. Thankfully without using any command spells though with Merlin.

Watched some more movies as well. Spider-Man (because Japan is so early) and Alita (because I’m so early). Both quite good.

Watched the first one in 3D as well and the conclusion is it’s still not worth it. The eyeglasses are cumbersome, the effect barely exists, and it’s expensive.

Finally bought a new case for NAS server. This will take quite some time to setup including reverting to Windows 8 because I still don’t like Windows 10.

Daily life

About 80% return for last week’s auction. Not too bad.

I don’t think I’ll put up anything this or next week as I’m trying to focus getting Tearstilla done. Or something.

Still relatively quiet on budget side apart of slight dent from buying the new case. Nothing much else though. Maybe 9-nine pre-orders (20k) and aforementioned World Actor.

And then as mentioned last week, AnimeJapan, Cuffs spring, and plane ticket.

Should be pretty safe…?

With game companies and stores closing down left and right, it sure is rather worrying. Though at least I still have loads of backlog…

Closing words

As mentioned before, I did all the chores and stuff before writing this post. It means I have about an hour extra for Tearstilla.

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