Digest Vol. 197: Hello, world (?)

One great news, one money wasting news, no new stuff, some eroge progress, and slow on finance.

Written on my “new” laptop, a ThinkPad X220 (which still needs a lot of upgrading and a valid Windows license).


Non-news links

New stuff

Nothing new! Well, there’s one thing to be accurate but I don’t want have image editor installed yet here and it’s just one new doujin by Ichihaya.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Marine route, now about first quarter of Ena route, I think? The rate isn’t too bad but I don’t know if I can finish it this weekend as there’s AnimeJapan coming up.

Non-eroge stuff

Finished FGO White Day event, and now back to grinding green cubes.

Nothing else here apart of maybe I should watch Captain Marvel?

I really should start watching some anime…

Daily life

Sold three items with about 10% profit overall. Not that much though at only about 10k total. But still pretty nice.

Put up some more items as well and one of them is already being bid though it’s at a loss, so.

Still need to put up more items. Maybe early next month as I’ll have some plans for next week.

I bought a new laptop for 10k (lol) and it seems to work fine and all so I can proceed to selling the other laptops I currently own. Still need to upgrade it and stuff but it’s already good enough apart of maybe RAM. So it’ll probably be another 8k for 16GiB upgrade. And maybe a new keyboard? It’s currently japanese physical layout with US software layout (as I usually do). Not too bad but can certainly use a large backspace and space keys.

Then the Cuffs etc goods costed me about 20k.

Other than that, pre-order for new titles which includes World Actor (maybe?), Onigyu FD (4 stores), and Koikari (???).

I think at the moment I have about 10k remaining for this month? Not too bad, I guess and there shouldn’t be much else coming.

A new motherboard is coming next week though which is rather exciting. Hopefully it works fine so I can then sell the other servers as I won’t need them anymore.

Closing words

Ended up pretty late whoops. Need to sleep after taking some medicine because headache.

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