Digest Vol. 104: Oh whoops


I started writing this but something else came up and then forgotten. There isn’t much this week anyway.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Rena’s route! Pretty good overall, I guess.

Now on Yoshino’s route.

Not-eroge stuff

Still going as usual. A bit slower on light novel side though.

Wasting money

Pre-ordered some Melonbooks stuff as planned. And nothing much else? Relatively quiet week.

May finally get the last few Chikotam K-Books tapestries this week.

Nothing much else otherwise. I took a break from auctioning stuff so there’s nothing on that side either.

Some larger stuff is coming around end of this month though. Mainly stuff for next month release (Hatsujou Sprinkle and Sakura no Mori Dreamers 2).


New stuff

No new stuff!

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