Botsugo C98 doujinshi

This is a weird C98.

Anyway, the book is Onee-shota theme this time. The storytelling is pretty interesting because it’s mostly flashback where the main heroine tells her stories to her friends.

Otherwise it’s the usual deal. I like the shota is being assertive this time around.

Doujinshi – Botsugo C97

Even more onee-shota book. Pretty much usual Ryo stuff. Now I think about it when was the last time they did loli again…

On the left side is collection of their previous works… which I believe I already bought them all. If anything, I’m missing the very first book. That very first book is currently on premium price on Suruga-ya ๐Ÿ˜”

Oh, and I sure wish the collection book is B5 instead of B6. Or at least A5 just like usual eromanga. It’s probably too expensive for them though.