Weekly Finance vol. 97



Future In

Probably still nothing. As mentioned last week, I’m busy with other stuff at the moment and my room still has some space.


Wow nothing here as well.

I did finally place preorder for Apollocrisis at Melonbooks but it’s already budgeted so it doesn’t really count.

Future Out

Info on Primal Hearts Pack is fully out and there’s nothing particularly interesting.

As for Monkeys!, it’ll be on my backlog if I ever get around clearing it. Unless people determine it’s masterpiece or something which then I’ll maybe get it.

And then the tapestries, maybe not. None of them. Not this either.

That left me with…

…uh, I don’t know, Clarias F, and maybe Sousaku Kanojo (60% likely at the moment).

I don’t think I’ll get Kunako Kokuki. That it’s not actually historical Japanese but very far future with rolled back civilization is rather interesting. There’s only one route for the non-balloon heroines so that’s sad. The non-Koku heroine isn’t interesting either.

Unfortunately there’s still no announcement from Saga Planets 🤔


37.59%. That’s a lot of up from last week.

Similarly for iDeCo, 34.63% (16.10% yield). Not as much but still up. Too bad the yield is down. Not sure why.

I also checked how I managed to save the amount I invested last year and the answer is I didn’t. I simply went over and ate up savings carried over from previous years.

And now the savings are empty so I guess I should just aim an easy target for this year. The additional obligation I made starting this year isn’t helping either.

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